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Whatever the project (innovation, development, etc.), finding and obtaining suitable funding remains a major challenge for businesses, with many questions: how to identify the right funding ? What support should you seek to maximise your chances of receiving the funds ? What tools should you use to stay informed of new funding opportunities ?

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Growing and funding my development

Together with you, our account managers will analyse the funding needs of your business : what structure is required for your equity/debt management ? How to choose the right investment ? What strategy should you adopt according to your cash flow situation ?

They will direct you to the funding solutions most suited to your needs and your strategy. For example: Région Industrie - Conseil Performance Industrie du Futur (To be supported in my Industry of the Future project) helps support the productive investments of companies registered in an Industry of the Future approach. The VSE-SME growth loan funds investments for development projects by companies that have been established for more than 3 years...

We also identify with you any business expansion needs, whether for your production tool, your buildings or your land, and we help you find the right solution .

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Funding my innovation project

We help you mobilise financial support suited to your innovation projects. Several types of funding can support your innovative projects. Our teams will guide you towards the most relevant schemes depending on the stage of your project.

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European funding for innovation

Our Bureau Europe provides European funding experts that will support you to access European funding for innovation :

  • By providing you with the relevant information for your procedures through newsletters, information sheets on calls for projects, personalised responses according to your needs. Events are also organised throughout the year: workshops, information day...

  • By helping you define your strategy and set up your European project, from the presentation of opportunities matching your project to support in structuring, setting up and reviewing the project.​

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