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Meet us in Dubai

We are pleased to present our delegation of companies from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, which is going to Dubai from December 7th to December 9th, as part of the World Expo's sports week, and which will be the largest French delegation to date.

This important delegation will therefore promote our region’s equine industry and its many numerous skills : animal feed and health, innovative technology, equipment for riders and horses.

In 40 years, our company became the French leader of clays’ extraction. We are actually selling our clays in more than 50 countries.
We are supplying the Velay Green Clay, high purity clay, 100% natural and certified.
Argile du Velay quarries are Located in the Auvergne region in France at the feet of the volcanoes far away from urban pollution and pesticides, in a natural ecological “faunistic and floristic interest” classified area.
Our strengths: clay with a high purity, an innovative and competitive manufacturing process, a quality monitoring from the extraction to the final delivery, scientifical further researches, a continuous products’ development and an active listening of customer’s requirements.
The Velay Green clay is a fantastic natural remedy to heal light to severe wounds and an efficient alternative solution for animal care.
Externally, as a poultice, it has multiple benefits : muscular recovery, swelling reduction, tissue strengthening. It can be used for rashes, burns, wounds, tendon injuries, inflammation, arthritis, bruises, abscesses, muscular aches and pains…
As you know, clay has strong properties and animals instinctively eat it for the trace minerals intake.
Furthermore, as a natural ingredient, it’s not considered as a doping product.
Argile du Velay can either provide the clay in bulk or support your own animal care products development. Finished products such as poultice ready for use are also available and can be developed under your own brand!

ARGILE DU VELAY - Zone Artisanale de Nolhac - 43350 ST PAULIEN - France
Françoise VEYRET -  International Business Development Ph.: +33 (0)4 71 02 41 37 - Cel.: +33 (0)6 71 83 13 97 -

Emmanuel BERNARD -  CEO  

A complete kit to design your obstacle. 50cm technic plastic pole.
Design your fence.
Choose from 13 colours, push and twist. Choose the length of your fence.
Build your holder, adapt its height with the same product and with a plastic base.
Take a cup-notti for to adapt the heigt of your obstacle. All the set is easy to use, design is completely modular. Outdoor équipement, no maintenance, no painting.

ANAIS FRANCE - 560 Route de Maillat 1430 PEYRIAT - France
Vanotti Frédéric  - Managing director - Ph.: +33 (0)4 26 61 82 44 - Cel.: +33 (0)6 09 69 26 37 -

A reliable and sustainable company:
•    SASU with a capital of 15 000€
•    Exists since 2015
•    More than 10 000 customers in Europe
Through the EKIN range you benefit from naturally effective products:
•    Information and transparency are part of EKIN's DNA, which is why we wanted to test the properties and effectiveness of two of our products that meet the important expectations of owners to relieve their horses. The results of tests carried out by the Lyon Veterinary School proved the effectiveness of EKIN products (EKIN Skin Repair Balm, EKIN Anti-Crevasse and Mud Scabies Ointment)
The quality of our products is not a matter of chance:
•    As a French manufacturer, we control the entire design process
•    Regular focus groups with users to understand their expectations and to propose the most appropriate solution whatever the situation and the season.
The points of differentiation from the existing competitive offers on the market are based on specific research in the formulation of the products:
•    EKIN is the largest range of horse care products 100% natural on the market based on the principles of green chemistry. It brings a real progress in the field of animal cosmetic formulation in terms of pollution prevention at source by avoiding the production of residues
•    EKIN's range of anhydrous products is unique on the market as it is designed with a view to the final degradation of products: biodegradability
• The EKIN range has been awarded for its innovations: sun protection, wate

EKIN - 4 Route du Pont Pinay - 69670 VAUGNERAY - France
Isabelle KINTZIG - Chairwoman - Ph.: +33 (0)4 78 50 87 96 - Cel.: +33 (0)6 14 81 43 19 -

Rethink your horse
Skilled horsemanship and premium horses in the department of Ain (France).
Invest in exceptional genetics: Outstanding embryos, foals and broodmares.
Find your sports horses Train your professionals
Provide training sessions in your establishment Compete on the international showjumping circuits.

EQUID'AIN - 12 rue des Baudieres 01000 BOURG EN BRESSE - France
Camille Martin - Representative - Cel.: +33 (0)6 85 27 88 46 -

You need the best for your horses : MICHEL VAILLANT is a specialist in equine hoof products for the best performance in locomotion.
Thanks to his experience and his great industrial knowledge, MICHEL VAILLANT develops and manufactures hight quality products :
• Performance and therapeutic horseshoes made from the  best quality aluminium
• Organic hoofcare products
• Horseshoe studs for CCI show jumping and CCE horse trial events
Pionner in the development of therapeutic aluminium horseshoes, thanks to the close partnership with Professor Jean-Marie DENOIX, veterinarian considered the world’s foremost équine musculoskeletal system anatomist. We manufacture !
Pioneer in horse care products developed from organic ingredients : regular vegetable oils, essentail oils, hive’s products, excluding any products derived from dead
animals. We manufacture !
Pioneer in horseshoe studs : we still develop studs for 80 years. We manufacture !
Our network has been worlwide for decades : we master international transactions. Designer, manufacturer, farriery supplier : we are the specialist in équine hoof products. We are able to adapt to the needs of farriers, riders, veterinarians and you !
We are appreciated all over the world by farriers, veterinarians and Olympic champions.
Priority objective: the horse wellness for over 100 years

4 Boulevard du Chevran - 74300 CLUSES - France
Laure DABLAINVILLE - Export manager  - Ph.: +33 (0)4 50 98 63 80 -

NOVOSTABLE is an intelligent solution intended for horses in stall to help ensure their welfare thanks to a unique self-learning Artificial Intelligence, a smart camera and a mobile application.
We gather about 5 millions data records per horse and per day to be able to analyse each horse behaviour in real time and alert in case of major changes or anomalies.
•    Detection of unusual behaviour
•    Prediction of health issues
•    Welfare, Performance & recovery assessment
•    Prediction Foaling
Our solution is designed to help you prevent major health issues like colic. Our prediction mode offers you time to apply preventive care.
Learn much more about each horse routine and behaviour with 24/7 accurate data updated real time.
Track and monitor all the horse information on the Mobile Application: real-time alerts, live streaming & time lapse and behaviour dashboard updated real-time.

NOVO SENSO - 5 bis Avenue du Pré Closet - 74940 ANNECY - France
Julien CORNOUILLER - Chairman - Ph: +33(0)4 83 43 34 40 - Cel: +33(0)6 61 16 47 69 -

POMCORP is a French start-up whose main concern and the driving force behind its innovations is the well-being of your Animal !
Dedicated to Horses, Dogs, Cats and Camels, its star Diffuser to clip, the POMOIL, is the natural alternative of first order to medical treatments and allows to fight thanks to its Synergies of specific essential oils against stress and anxiety, pain and rheumatism, respiratory diseases ...
Eco-responsible, our entire process of innovative development and distribution is based on French Expertise in close collaboration with our veterinary and aromatherapist partners.
The POMOIL® Diffuser System is the result of advanced research conducted by POM CORP in terms of resistance and reliability in its principle of optimized diffusion of the associated essential oil synergies.
This "olfactotherapeutic*" know-how and its 11 grams of refined design make POMOIL the accessory that guarantees the effectiveness of the care of our Horses, Dogs, Cats and Camels.
Eco-responsible, POM CORP® develops a 100% French production and contributes to a short and qualitative production chain with local partners and actors.
*Developed with and validated by qualified Aromatherapists

POM CORP - 39 route de Chasselay 69650 QUINCIEUX - France
Sarah PAREDES - Chairwoman - Cel.: +33 (0)7 81 95 20 87 -

Keys figures in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes : 

  • 8 million inhabitants

  • 1 st  French region in terms of number of sports facilities and clubs in all disciplines

  • 2 nd  equine region in France 

  • 1 st  region for equestrian tourism in France